Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add storage to ECS-CommunityEdition after initializing an installation?

No. Unfortunately because ECS Community Edition lacks the ‘fabric’ layer present in full featured ECS, it is not possible to add storage space after a completed installation.

I am locked out of my ECS management console, can I reset the root password?

Currently there is no procedure to reset the root password if you are locked out.

The storage capacity statistics presented on the ECS dashboard seem wrong, what’s going on here?

ECS uses a data boxcarting strategy called “chunking”. Chunks are pre-allocated when ECS is first initialized. When user data is written into ECS, pre-allocated chunks are filled and ECS pre-allocates however many new chunks ECS “thinks” would be best for the future based on what it knows about the past.

Capacity statistics are calculated based on allocated and pre-allocated chunks at the time statistics are requested, and don’t exactly reflect the actual amount of user data stored within ECS. We do this because it is a performance-enhancing heuristic that is a “good enough” representation of capacities without having to churn through the whole system to figure out the actual user data capacity numbers. In short, the numbers you are seeing are not designed to be exact, but are close estimates.

Can I use a data store node as an NTP server for the rest of the nodes?

No, this is not a supported deployment option. An external NTP server is required.

My ECS functions but the storage pools never initialize.

If you can store objects in buckets without issue, then it’s likely that your storage pools and data stores are fully initialized. ECS Community Edition is a bit weird in that there are some UI/display issues with storage pools showing “Not Ready” and data stores showing “initializing” even after they have become fully initialized. If you can create VDCs, replication groups, namespaces, and buckets, then your storage pools are certainly initialized as those higher level abstractions require a working storage pool.